Limited Edition Prints

 Individually signed and numbered, Limited Edition Prints are numbered 1 – 750.

There are three different prints available:

1.     Splash !

2.     Sea Gar

3.     Thornbills

Each has been printed on the finest quality A1 Premium archival quality paper, using a photolithographic process. The linen-like texture of the paper remarkably resembles the actual fabric Annemieke uses in the background of her works. As well, the texture of the paper enhances the stitched effect giving the illusion of actually being fabric and thread.

Prints are available using the order form . Each print will be rolled into a postal tube and sent registered through Australia Post.

Purchase price (including postage throughout Australia) $145

Prints can also be viewed and purchase at Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale and at the Sale Tourist Information Centre.






“Splash! depicts a frog that has just hit the water. Its eyes and head are protectively held upward while its hind partially-webbed feet are splayed out to break the fall. I’ve tried to capture the action and to freeze this moment of time, showing the ease and elegance of the frog hitting the water while surrounded by airborne spray and splash. The frog portrayed is loosely based on a species of green tree frog (Litoria phyllochroa) whose numbers are sadly declining in their natural habitats.”


The print run has been limited to 750 with each print individually signed and numbered by the artist.


The image size of Splash ! is 581(h) x 855(w) mm, and the overall print size is 680(h) x 892(w) cm.

Purchase price - $145.  




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Sea Gar is part of my Water and Wetlands series created between 1992 and 1996.

The garfish provides our local Gippsland fishermen with great sport and it is considered an excellent table fish.

In my work it is portrayed dramatically lurching out of the water while chasing an airborne mayfly. This gives the humble garfish a marlin-like appearance.”

Sea Gar was especially photographed to pick up the fabric texture and the three-dimensional qualities of the fish and the stitches simulating frothy water.

The image size of Sea Gar is 840(h) x 650(w) cm, and the overall print size is 945(h) x 700(w) cm.

Purchase price - $145.

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Thornbills portrays a pair of young birds that have just skipped their nest. Their expressions are somewhat quizzical, questioning and perhaps a little startled, as they lean towards each other without the security of the nest.


Their camouflage is superb as their yellow breast feathers perfectly match the gum blossoms, and their olive-green upper feathers match the gum leaves.


This work was inspired by my observations of a pair of birds commonly called Little Thornbills (Acanthiza nana) at our bush block on Blackall Creek, Gippsland.”


The image size of Thornbills is 760(h) x 470(w) cm, and the overall print size is 912(h) x 630(w) cm.


Note: Individually signed and numbered prints of Thornbills have sold out. There are a few (signed) Artist Proofs still available (same size and quality).


Purchase price - $145.  


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