Notelet Cards



Pictured are the different notelet cards, each with envelopes, available through the  Order Form.




The titles of the works photographed on the cards read from left to right

·       De Lapjes

·       Diving Blue-billed Duck

·       Eucalypt Blossoms

·       Here She Comes!

·       Thornbills (Landscape view)

·       Whirlpool Frog

·       Damselflies

·       Splash!

·       Mating Mythical Moths


And some newer cards



From left to right by row, starting at the top row

  • Thornbills (Portrait view)
  • Lewin Honeyeater Nestlings
  • Invasion (Blowflies)
  • Frog Down Under
  • Dragonflies
  • Inside Looking Out (Butterflies) 
  • Shy (Weebill Chick)
  • Mating Mythical Moths
  • Here He Comes! (Blue Wrens)
  • Against The Tide (King George Whiting)
  • Whirlpool Frog
  • Sea Gar (Garfish)



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